Brooke Fleming- Committee Chairman- CH Robinson

Greg Thwaites- Alliance Ground International

Kris Northup- International Business Development Manager- Southeastern Freight Lines

  • Explanation of Terminals Committee Responsibility
  • Slow down started in Aug when they took on 3 new customers. At that time they did add additional staff
  • Currently Airport building a Truck Waiting Area. Will reduce congestion and is fully automated
  • Alliance has slotted times for large Freight Forwarders, willing to work with companies that have enough cargo on a daily basis to warrant a slotted pick up time. Alliance will be meeting with SEFL to discuss because of daily pick up volume
  • Alliance mandates checks by 1pm so they can apply to pre alert DO’s sent in by SEFL
  • Heaviest days are Sunday/Monday/Tues
  • New hours are M-F 6am to 11pm, Sat 8-5 & Sun 7-5
  • Because of known delays, willing to work with Freight Forwarders on storage charges
  • Late flights will cause a snowball effect for multiple days because of back up
  • Don’t send drivers over when flights are on the ground, it just creates additional delays and congestion. Greg to send flight schedule.  They have 6 hrs for loose cargo, and 4 hrs for in tact
  • They have agents monitoring email addresses, and prefer email communication. They know phones have been an issue, just too many calls to handle &
  • Air Bridge flights from Hong Kong on Fri & Sun
  • Looking into opportunity for website payment
  • Looking to re-open restrooms starting week of 4/11 if they can make it work. Asking that drivers respect the restrooms as they are doing this to assist
  • Asking for patience and respect with agents, they are doing all they can to assist


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