A little fun pre conference style!

17th Annual AIFBA Picnic

This was the 17 Annual AIFBA Picnic hosted by HWC Logistics and ATL Trucking.

HWC May Barbecue

Thanks very much to our hosts, HWC Logistics, for hosting an amazing lunchtime barbecue in May. It was a pleasure to see and feed everyone on a beautiful spring day!

eBond, ISF and ACAS Seminar, sponsored by Avalon Risk Management

On August 18th, AIFBA held a luncheon to discuss the upcoming changes to eBond as well as the Air Cargo Advanced Screening (ACAS) system in pilot by TSA and CBP. Thanks to our presenters and attendees!

Our thanks to Lisa Gelsomino, President of Avalon, who joined us for this tremendous day.

2014 NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference

Every September, members of the AIFBA board of directors and others from Atlanta travel to Washington, DC, for the NCBFAA Government Affairs Conference. At this meeting, we hear from both regulators and legislators about the issues affecting our industry. On Tuesday, we take off for Capitol Hill and visit as many of our representatives in the House and Senate as we can, sharing the issues that are important to our industry and our membership.

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Left to Right: Donna Mullins : Tracy Roberts : Amanda Barlow


GAC Loudermilk - Lee

Renee Blizzard, Congressman Loudermilk staff and Ryan Tanner

GAC Loudermilk Group B

Len James, Myra Reynolds, Lee Hardeman, Regan Odom, Jan Fields, John James


From Left to Right:  Pam Brown, Josh Durham and Jenny Hilton

Photo was taken at the AIFBA July 2016 Luncheon