Minutes from the Meeting 4/14/16


AIFBA Points-

Any updates on a current ATL-CBP Port List – Phone Numbers- April 19th, Danny sent over.


I have an issue that I’d like for you to address regarding FDA/FTZ.  We have an FTZ here, and we have sunglasses in it.  When we do our weekly estimate/3461, we include 200 pairs of sunglasses in case we actually export any from the zone.  We’ve only actually exported them once, so they are not on the 7501, and there is no actual import of the sunglasses.    FDA doesn’t seem to understand the FTZ process, because every week they are calling me looking for import documentation on the sunglasses, and they don’t understand that I don’t have any commercial documents because there is no import or shipment of sunglasses.  They have detained several entries worth of sunglasses, which is ok with us, because the registration has expired and we intend to export them in bond once they refuse entry, which we have asked them to do.  The problem is the bigger picture, that they don’t understand the FTZ process of doing a weekly estimate, and that it doesn’t mean that we are importing 200 pairs of sunglasses on a weekly basis.  My situation will resolve itself once I export the sunglasses, but I feel like the process for FDA merchandise in the zone needs to be addressed. Lorenzo- FDA FTZ activity has to be coordinated with the FDA Compliance Officer, Still have to do checks and balances- Karen Dodson. Advised to get in direct contact with Dawn Hines to resolve the issue.


Pat Jean-

  • CFS’s are complaining about providing 3461 , do not send 3461’s to the CFS for ACE/ACE entries.
  • Hot List – ACE BOX- Its being monitored. Cargo Release box, Remember you are not the only one submitting.
  • ACE-DIS- Make sure you are submitting documents as requested via DIS
  • CLIENT REPS- Make sure you know who your reps are and are in touch with them.
  • Rel- not getting in ACE Cargo Rel Box- need to file another entry – don't do
  • ACE Hot List – Issue, no way to reject- stay in contact…
  • Corrections Box , Need the Original Entry, only seeing corrected bill. Need to see both perspectives when making corrections.
  • If you have admissible status, double check all the correct details were entered prior to calling customs.
  • ACE- Once released, cannot touch, Do not send 3461 cannot stamp (unless ACS Entry)


Bernard Ash

  • DIS Emails- Think Ahead and send documents as needed.


FDA- Lorenzo

  • When transmitting data, verify what the item actually is verses the scientific names.


Danny Griffin

  • Seeing an increase in cancellations, be careful… and be patient!
  • Reiterate the process, no need to load unless ask.
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