AIFBA/U.S. Customs Committee Meeting


  1. If a shipment is seized then how long does it take to get a seizure notice? Once a shipment is seized and customs has issued a formal appraisal it should take approx. 15-30 Days from the time of receipt of paperwork from seizing office.Note,. appraisal has to be completed by the CEE’s and an appraisal has to be done before customs can formally seize it.


  1. Will CBP BE willing to do a port day in June (2nd Tuesday) How about a mini port day?  Haven’t had one in a while.   We would like to have  Exodus team and perhaps even TSA as long as they are together. Danny will work on coordinating this effort and will be the main point of contact. In the interim the AIFBA will submit item/agency points to be considered.



Danny: In reference to TIB’s when processing via ACE be sure to make sure you quantify with Customs the terms of the Export in reference to whether the exam is waived or not. You may receive a paperless in ACE, but at this point it does not identify if the re-export is waived.

George- FDA- Followed up on last months inquiry of Sunglasses into the FTZ.  Statement made that if the article does not have an entry and will be exported when withdrawn from the zone, let FDA know. At this point no additional conditions will need to be satisfied.

Earlene- In reference to Resolution Request, please make sure you are returning these within 48 hours. In reference to entry cancelations customs is finding that some brokers are not indicating the reason, please be sure to make sure this is done correctly, if needed please coordinate with your software broker.

Off Darwin- In reference to Exodus the contacts is Brooks, please communicate with them in processing related shipments outbound and they will work with you. Officer Wolfe is there to assist as well. According to CFR they have 72 hours to examine, please note Exodus is not available on the weekends.

Bernard Ash- Protest/PEA-In order to process these request timely and submit to the CEE’splease be sure to email them to  (PEA’s, not PSC’s) When sending the email please be sure to reference the entry/action for accuracy.

Ronnie Matheson – ACE-DIS , Make sure you are using it…If you receive a request from customs for document, please upload via DIS. Some brokers are not doing this either because they are not sure of the process with ACE, or do not know where to look for the messages. This is the Broker/ Filer responsibility, please make sure  you are using DIS.

In-Bond- You have 48 Hours to arrive an in-bond. Many filers are manually sending over I.T.’s to be arrived by customs. (Not sure why you are not handling this electronically), if you get the in-bond back with comments from customs please make sure to read them and correct the issue. Many brokers receive it back and file it with out reading it leaving an in-bond not closed. It’s the brokers responsibility and failure to finalize will result in penalty assessment

ACE Cargo Release: Please note, once a release is given, Customs cannot make corrections…

Manifest Issues: Customs can verify what the Airline’s are showing if you have a  problem, however its up to the Airline to correct their mistake. Note. Once corrections start from the Airline/ Broker, customs usually has to go in once the corrections are made and make adjustments to finalize release.

Hand Carries- Follow the process; filing an entry after the passenger has already taken the product will not get cleared through customs. All processes must be followed and pre-notification./action is still in place.

Off Harris- In reference to processes/notes  provided from the AIFBA please be sure to send information to all your offices which will file in the port of Atlanta. This will eliminate confusion for everyone.


Chief Hawkins :  Woman Inspection Facility will be closing soon.


**Next Meeting Scheduled for June 9th, 2016.

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