1. Can you ask them if the cargo email is the one that we are supposed to send the splits and updates and how long will it take for a response? What actions can be handled through the cargo email?  A while back they had send a split and  was told that they had to wait 24 to 48 hours for a response, just like if we took it to the window.. They were advised “why didn’t you bring it to the window”

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The Cargo email is should be used for Splits and Pen & Ink.  If the request is received late afternoon it will be worked the following business day.  (Entry Cancellations should be sent to the Entry section not Cargo)


Personal Effects Counter: 24/48 Hours, next day relevant to Exams.

Physical Exams- 24-48 hours

FDA:  George

  1. Holding Cargo until admissibility- Make sure your cargo is available at the port of entry. FDA is finding circumstances where cargo is moved out to ports where they don’t have service.  If this happens the originating port will want the cargo back at your expense.
  2. Local Cargo on FDA Hold- Make sure you are staying within the 50 Miles Concept. Still make sure you are notifying FDA when cargo is being delivered to a controlled environment. If you are doing a local transfer from the Airline to your Airport Warehouse, no need to notify in advance.
  3. Refusals -FDA is finding cases where the importer is not ready for the destruction when deem appropriate.
  4. FDA Exams – Make sure all the items are available for exam at a single location.
  5. 4647/7512/3499 – Make sure this goes through customs, comes back to broker, and then you send it to FDA. Once FDA is completed, Broker sends original back to customs.
  6. If ITACS is down, please be sure to use the FDA Email to send documents.


Danny Griffin,

  1. Triennial – If you did not pay letters are going out, you have 60 days to reconcile.
  2. Importing Animals- Make sure you have the Shot Records, Customs will work in conjunction with CDC requirements. “CDC has a Hotline Customs can call for Guidance” Also, personnel from the CDC will be invited for the Next meeting.
  3. Employee List- Please update the portal if possible however, please send over hardcopy too until the system is working smoothly.


Dan Gladden

  1. Ball Bearings- Please not dumping hasn’t been in place for years, it is only on tapered bearings, please make note.

Robert Scholtens

  1. Cargo Staffing – Never have enough officers for the amount of Trade and constantly juggling based on demand. Basically down 1 to training, 1 to tdy. Customs is working diligently to process Trade request, please work with them and they will insure timely processing.  Please use the Cargo email for what it was designed for.


ACE Ambassadors

Engrid Perryman / Entry

Bonita Brewer/ Import

Harris/ Cargo

The ACE Ambassadors are not for technical problems.  ACE Technical problems should be directed to the ACE Helpdesk.

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The next meeting is May 7, 2015.

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