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  • Covering transport issues large and small

     Whether it moves by air, sea, rail or ground, our members play a key role in commerce.



  • Working hand-in-hand with regulators

    We meet regularly with Customs, TSA, Fish and Wildlife and other agencies to facilitate legitimate cargo movement without delay.

  • A welcoming and diverse membership

    AIFBA welcomes individuals and companies large and small who serve the international logistics industry.

  • Ongoing educational opportunities

     We offer multiple opportunities for individuals to earn continuing CCS and CES education credit.

AIFBA and You

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to join the Atlanta International Forwarders and Brokers Association (AIFBA) in Atlanta, Georgia.

  1. Mission Objective

    We have a clear focus on what we are tasked with doing for our members, the trade community and ourselves.

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    View Our Mission

  2. Meet your Leadership

    The board of directors and committee chairs who serve AIFBA are proud to represent our members at all functions local, national and global.

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    Meet the Board

  3. Membership has its benefits

    Our members have exclusive access to committee reports, preferred rates for events and a talented team of volunteers working on their behalf.